# Breaking Changes

# v5


  • Completely rewritten with TypeScript.
  • New classes added and attributes moved to those new classes. (For example Column.precision moved to Type class and should be accesed Column.type.precision)
  • If you find any mistakes in docs, please open a case in GitHub (opens new window)

# New Features

  • Rewritten in TypeScript from scratch.
  • All collection methods migrated from Set and Map to IndexableArray which is an extended array. IndexableArray provides all declarative functions of the array i.e. map, reduce, filter etc. in addition of keeping collection order and indexed lookup support for get.
  • Added abstract classes: DBObject, Entity, Relation.
  • Added classes: View, Domain, Type, Check, ForeignKey, PrimaryKey, Enum.
  • Added properties: Schema.views, Schema.entities.

# Breaking Changes

  • IMPORTANT: Constraint.parent and Constraint.table contain Table where constraint is defined in. Previously they were containing referenced table for foreign key constraints.

  • Constraint class is now an abstract class.

  • Column.type is a class type instead of string.

  • *.comment was replacing [pg-structure][/pg-structure]. From now on, it returns raw comment. To get comment without data, use *.commentWithoutData.

  • citext and hstore are classified as USER-DEFINED, because they are installed using extra modules.

  • Removed properties:

    • *.description, *.descriptionData: Use *.comment, *.commentData.
    • *.parent where not necessary: Use related attribute. For example: column.table instead of column.parent. parent causes confusion for some objects. For example index object indexes table, but their parents are schema not table: DROP INDEX public."some_index".
    • Table.kind: Use instanceof Table and instanceof View instead.
    • Constraint.type: Use instanceof [ContsraintClass] instead.
    • Column.domainName, Column.domainFullName, Column.domainFullCatalogName, Column.domainSchema: Use column.type instanceof Domain and column.type which returns Domain sub class of Type class if type is a domain.
    • Column.arrayDimension, Column.arrayType: Use Column.type.arrayDimension.
    • Column.enumLabels, Column.enumValues: Use Column.type which returns Enum sub class if type is an enum.
    • Column.precision, Column.scale: Use Column.type.precision and Column.type.scale.
    • Column.isAutoIncrement: Use Column.isSerial.
    • Column.foreignKeyConstraints: Use Column.foreignKeys M2MRelation.nameFromDescription,M2ORelation.nameFromDescription,O2MRelation.nameFromDescription.
    • M2MRelation.type, M2ORelation.type, O2MRelation.type: Use instanceof M2MRelation, instanceof M2ORelation, instanceof O2MRelation instead.
    • constraint attributes in relations are renamed as foreignKey.
  • Changed properties

    • Schema.tables contains only tables now. Previously it was containing tables and views combined. Use Schema.entities instead.
    • All properties and methods which contain or return Constraint instances, now return related subclasses ForeignKey, PrimaryKey etc.
  • pg-structure

    • load, save functions / features are removed.
    • parse is removed. Use deserialize instead.
    • serialize and toString functions are removed. Use db.serialize() method instead.