pg-structure / FunctionArgument

# Class: FunctionArgument

Class which represent a PostgreSQL {@link Function function} argument. Provides attributes and methods for details of the function argument.

# Properties

# argumentNumber

Readonly argumentNumber: number

The order number of the argument. It is zero based index.

Defined in: pg-structure/function-argument.ts:39

# isArray

Readonly isArray: boolean

Whether given argument is an array.

Defined in: pg-structure/function-argument.ts:30

# mode

Readonly mode: ArgumentMode

Mode of the function arguments such as in, inout, out, variadic or table.

Defined in: pg-structure/function-argument.ts:36

# name

Readonly name: string

Name of the argument. Empty string if arguments is without a name.

Defined in: pg-structure/function-argument.ts:33

# type

Readonly type: Type

Type of the argument

Defined in: pg-structure/function-argument.ts:27